2 Giugno in Texas: Designata Giornata del Patrimonio Italiano

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AUSTIN, TX – Senator Tan Parker (SD 12) highlights the enactment of Senate Concurrent Resolution 8, which designates June 2nd as Italian Heritage Day in Texas. The resolution was sponsored by Representative Giovanni Capriglione (HD 98) and unanimously passed both legislative chambers. Governor Greg Abbott recently signed the bill to officially recognize this designated awareness day in Texas.

June 2nd is significant because it marks the anniversary of the Festa of the Italian Republic, the day in 1946, when Italy abolished the monarchy and establish a republic. This year, the date also commemorates the 75th anniversary of the foundation of the Italian Constitution. “By proclaiming June 2nd as Italian Heritage Day, we celebrate the important contributions immigrants have made throughout our history and embrace the rich Italian culture that has influenced Texas. It is also important that we recognize the countless economic, political, and social achievements of Italian Americans throughout our history. I am proud to commemorate this day as we reflect and honor the legacy of over half a million Italians who have made Texas their home,” said Senator Parker.

The general counsel for Italians Abroad, Vincenzo Arcobelli, has been a longtime representative for the Italian American community in Texas, known for his advocacy to bring greater awareness of the Italian culture in Texas. He has also been a strong advocate for SCR8 and expressed his gratitude for the passage of this designating legislation. “I am very grateful to Senator Tan Parker for introducing SCR 8 in the Texas legislature and working with us during the legislative session. With his leadership along with State Representative Giovanni Capriglione, who carried this bill in the Texas House, Italians across the Lone Star State will enjoy celebrating their rich heritage while sharing our culture with others for generations to come. I am also excited about Italian Heritage Day serving to further strengthen the political, economic, and friendship between Italy and Texas because after all, Italy matters for Texas and Texas matters for Italy!”

For the 88th Legislative Session, Senator Parker serves as vice chairman to the Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs as well as Transportation, State Affairs, Local Government,
Administration, and Education.